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    Animatch Auction - Repeat Performance

    Animatch's last auction was such a huge success that the Volunteer organizers have agreed to do it again.  So, from August 10th to August 17th,  you will have more incredible items up for bid.  Volunteers are working non-stop in preparation for this big event.  The last Auction brought in $10,000.00 -- funds desperately needed to build the new Centre.  We would like to bring in the same amount or hopefully more.  Remember everything is for the dogs.  Stay tuned and start saving for this fun event.


    If anyone has an article or articles that you feel might be an interesting item to sell, please do contact us.  Also, if any small (or large businesses) want to donate items or gift certificates, Animatch would be ever so grateful.  Certificates for hairdressers, spas, movie theatre, restaurants, shops, etc. would be more than welcome.  Your generosity is for a good cause.



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    Friday August 17, 2018

    How does she do it you ask?

    Thursday August 2, 2018

    Animatch Fan Mail

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    Hello to my fellow furry and non furry friends! Being almost 6 Months now, I thought it would be time for me to show my handsome...

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    This is Daisy enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon. I adopted her 7 years ago and she still makes me smile every day. She has severe arthritis...

    Roscoe, an old dog

    Hello Animatch, We adopted our dog Roscoe from you in 2007. He was underweight, shaved down because he'd been so matted and had kennel cough and...

    Panache (now Abbey)

    Panache (now Abbey) joined our family in March 2016 and what a wonderful addition she has been. She is sweet and funny and much to our...

    Update on Sadie (nee Sarnia)

    We adopted Sadie (previously known as Sarnia) back in August 2013 and she's such a sweetheart. Now just over 8 months old, Sadie is just the cutest. ...

    1 year old!

    Just wanted to say thank you to Animatch and the Nordic Paws Project! Luna (formely Leona) is 1yr old today, has recently graduated from her...

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