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“One person's top breeder is another person's puppy mill. There is a line, however, that when crossed, pretty much defines a breeder as <commercial>. It is the line that you cross when, instead of working to support your breed, you ask it to support you.”


More than 35 dogs were recently taken from a commercial breeder, Animatch kept 26 and Rosie Animal Adoption assisted by taking 8.  In the next few days and weeks you will see many appear on our website.  Of course, all needed to be sterilized and many required dentals (including extractions).  Although a few were groomed (shaved), most were a hot mess!  These dogs didn’t have to have healthy teeth or be well groomed to produce litters, so that is not a priority for these establishments.  No doubt these are parents of the puppies that you see in stores and on websites.   


Of course, the people who adopt these amazing dogs need to take it from here and take responsibility for their care and training.  Please don’t ask if the dog is toilet trained.  They are dogs who are accustomed to living in a trailer and relieving themselves in shavings. There is work to do and you must be patient.   Please don’t ask if they are healthy.  Animatch does their best -- we sterilize, have their teeth cleaned if necessary, and treat any problem that affects their present well being.  However, we cannot predict what the future holds, that is the guardian’s responsibility.  Please don’t ask if the age given is their real age.  The ages are what we were told and keep in mind that dogs who are kept in these conditions typically look older.  These dogs produce litters at every heat year after year – that and the environment that they live in tends to make them age faster. 


These dogs have no experience walking on a leash, sleeping in a bed or even being outdoors in the fresh air but if you would like to be the one to introduce a dog to all the fun experiences of just being a dog, your reward will be immense.  Better than a paycheck!  These dogs can bring a lot of companionship, joy and happiness into your life, while you bring the love and security they need into theirs. It’s a win-win situation!


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