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An ounce of prevention ....

When adopting your new best friend from Animatch, your dog will be micro chipped and sporting an Animatch Tag.  Having a microchip is a great safety measure for emergencies or if your pet loses a tag or collar; however, the average person does not have a scanner to retrieve the information from the microchip.  An ID tag remains the simplest, easiest way to assure your pet is going to get home.  Animatch, and all shelters and rescues, would certainly agree that you can never have too much ID on your dog to ensure his or her safety.   If you are looking for some added peace of mind, we are promoting this personalized collar with your pet’s name and your telephone number embroidered on it.  Help your dog find his way home quickly and safely.


Note:  Part of the problem is that people who keep their pets primarily indoors often think they don’t need to worry about identification while they are in the house. But indoor pets can get out and often do; Animatch gets several calls a year for dogs have escaped without their collars on. Collars—with identification– are your dogs’ fastest ticket back to you should they become lost.

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Animatch Fan Mail

Gatsby (aka, Shaggy)

Here he is, newly clipped, the Great Gatsby! Thank you, Animatch, for such a loving and energetic addition to our family.

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Rufus loves going for walks in the woods with his best friend, Murphy. He has been a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn't...

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