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As Animatch looks ahead to another busy year, we wish to thank everyone who has been interested in adopting one of our dogs.  In 2015, we received approximately 4,000 applications and an equal number of e-mails and phone calls.  With approximately 350 dogs passing through our doors in a year, we recognize that people become frustrated and disillusioned with the adoption process. When Animatch accepts a dog under our wing, we feel that it is our responsibility, to both the dog and the potential adopter, to make the best possible match. Completing an application does not guarantee an adoption from Animatch.

You say you want to adopt but are having no success with Animatch?  Obviously with 4,000 applications and 350 dogs, we can’t make everyone happy.  However, Animatch does believe we should share the wealth with other rescues.  Although it may take some time and effort on your part, there are many healthy, adoptable dogs waiting for homes.  Please look on where you will find an assortment of shelters and rescues.  If you like the idea of dropping in and taking a look around before adopting, then please visit the various rescues that have an open door policy (SPCA Montreal, SPCA West Island, SPCA – Labelle/Laurent ides, etc.).  Take a look at rescues in Eastern Ontario.  After that, there are those that run along the same lines as Animatch (i.e. Rosie, Kiko, Gerdys, etc.)  It doesn’t really matter where you adopt ... just adopt.  Adopting a dog is a 10 to 15 year commitment, so take your time. 

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