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A bunch of us Animatch Alumni have decided reach out to all of you.  We want to emphasize how crucial it is that Animatch continues to help dogs like ourselves.  Helen and her posse of Volunteers hope that all the 2019 adoptees are comfortably settled in the new Centre by February/March.  Animatch is slowly nearing their goal …. but close is not good enough!  It can only happen with your help and although we have our furever homes, we know that many dogs are still waiting for their chance and will need a safe and comfortable place while they wait.

Tagliatelle (now Biggie) checking in.  I was part of the “pasta pups” litter.  Thanks to Animatch and the Nordic Paws Project, all of us are living our best lives with our new families.  We know that Animatch must continue helping out Northern Dogs as there are so many living in hardship.  All puppies deserve homes that are committed to loving and guiding them through life.   I hope that Animatch will always be able to help the puppies who otherwise might not have had a chance. 

Let me introduce myself.  I’m Charlie Brown (now Chester) and boy was I happy that Animatch stepped in after I was found in a ditch.  My injuries were very serious and it was touch and go after I was brought to safety but I didn’t give up and neither did they.  They patched me up and found me a wonderful home.  Now, I get to drive my canine sister round the bend and I know I need never worry about being homeless again.  My wish is that Animatch can carry on coming to the rescue of other Charlie Browns. 

Hi folks, this is Annabelle.  I was 12 years old when I arrived at Animatch and although my life had been a happy one, my family were going through a rough patch and needed to find me a home. Animatch thought that I was so worth loving and that this old girl still had a lot of spunk.  I was given a second chance and I will be forever grateful.  My dream is that Animatch will forever be able to help other members of the Grey Muzzle Society. 

Manchego or as I am now known, Gizmo, here and I was part of the “cheesy bunch”.  All 16 of us arrived at Animatch after being given our walking papers by a commercial breeder.  We all required medical care – sterilization, teeth cleaning/extractions, ear infections … and the list goes on!  Animatch managed to get us all in good shape and found homes for each and every one of us.  I now have a place to hang my leash.  I so wish that Animatch can persevere in their quest to help dogs like me who have not yet experienced life as a family dog.

Greetings, my name is Tasha and I was a “special delivery” from Jordan where I was a street dog.  I was in pretty bad shape when I arrived and Animatch promised that I would never be hungry or dodge bullets again.   It took a while for me to be well enough to go to my home but now that I am; I know that life on the street is not for me.  I much prefer life as a “princess” in my new home.  I long for an end to animal suffering but until that day I want Animatch to continue to help dogs from other countries when the need arises – after all, dogs just don’t have borders!

Do you remember me?  Mitsou (my family calls me Misti) and I am a Mistassinni special.  Animatch has taken many dogs from Northern Communities, through the Nordic Paws Project, and I am one of the lucky ones.  Animatch makes it their job to sterilize, vaccinate, micro chip, and take care of any other medical issue that presents itself when we arrive.   I left a lot of my buddies back in Mistassini and I’m hoping that Animatch be able to give them the same kind of chance that I received.  


The good people at Animatch can’t do it alone – we’re counting on you to come through for them.  Your donations make a difference.  If you think they don’t, you can ask us – Tagliatelle, Charlie Brown, Annabelle, Manchego, Tasha and Mitsou.


Have a happy and safe Holiday Season. 



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