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A picture is worth a thousand words….

It’s a tough job.... but somebody’s got to do it!   As you see in this photo, Gary rises to the challenge.

Animatch is so lucky to have a team of good Volunteers but every day we thank our lucky stars that Gary Houghton decided to volunteer his time as our photographer.  Not long after Gary retired, he offered his services.  Since our last amazing photographer (and Webmaster), David Couillard was moving on, Gary started phographing the adoptees and he’s never looked back.  Wiggling dog, no problem; black dog, no problem; fearful dog, piece of cake; he doesn’t give up until he can do each dog justice.  He knows that photos are a powerful tool for Animatch adoptees.  Having a skilled photographer makes all the difference in the world and Gary continues to hone his skills – they just keep getting better.  Animatch is proud of our portraits of dogs full of love, hope and personality. 

Sadly, since Gary is retired and doesn’t much like winter, he goes away for a month or two during the year.  That is when Pierre Cornay steps in and shows us his master photography and we are thankful that we have a back-up.

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