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A loonie (or even better a toonie) a day ....

The clock is ticking and while the Animatch adoptees are comfortable in their environment today and have spent a lot of time enjoying the summer months outside, the change in climate is fast approaching.  Animatch needs the Centre and we need to start soon.  On August 1st, Animatch would like to challenge as many of our supporters and friends to place a loonie (or if you want to donate on a grander scale, a toonie) in a bank.  Place the bank beside your bed, at the office, or anywhere that is visible.  You can ask co-workers, relatives, or friends to join in.  If you can't find a bank, an empty bottle, a shoe box, anything will do.  Everyday without fail, put in a loonie or toonie.  On September 1st, let us know that you've succeeded in your challenge.  We will collect the money at Meet & Greets if it makes it easier for you and we don't mind counting the loonies and toonies.  By just giving up a coffee, a bag of chips, or chocolate bar, you can make a difference.  If enough people participate, we can raise a lot of money.  The dogs are still counting on you.  


If you are not into joining the challenge, donations can be made through our website --  (Go Fund Me does not provide tax receipts)

cheques are also welcome.

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Friday August 17, 2018

How does she do it you ask?

Thursday August 2, 2018

Animatch Fan Mail

Happy 2nd birthday to my Aussie siblings!

It's been 2 years - time flies! Just wishing my Aussie Pups siblings a great 2nd birthday. Hope you're all keeping well! Your sis, Morgane Pendragon ...

Stewart adopted on February 25, 2014

Stewart is very happy now with his two retired guardians because he knows now that his humans will never leave him alone at home because...

News from Kuudjuk (formerly Nadak / Natak)

Hello, it’s me, Kuudjuk, I am one of Wilda’s pups. I am growing up fast and have a lot of fun running with...

News from Becky

Becky was adopted on april 26, 2014 and now she slowly get use to her new home. She is such a nice girl with a real Schnauzer...

Aquarius at the cottage!

I had an awesome time at my cottage this past weekend!-Aquarius

Un beau bonjour de Maggie !

Bonjour tout le monde chez Animatch ! Me voici Maggie dans mon nouveau foyer. Ici je suis adorée par ma famille et je le r...

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