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“A goal is a dream with a deadline”

Animatch is thrilled to announce that our goal of $200,000 is within reach.  No time to rejoice just yet as there is so much more to do but we are currently at $172,000.  The weather is getting colder and wetter by the day and the dogs are not able to spend as much time outside.  Heating in our temporary shelter is non-existent.  Therefore, we have no time to sit back and rejoice about how far we have come; there remains $28,000.00 to be raised (which is still a considerable chunk of change!).  Thanks to all our amazing adopters and supporters; we realize that we would never have got to this point without you.  Animatch continues to approaching various companies for a corporate donation with little success to date.  We won’t give up and we will keep on trying; if you can all do your part by asking a family member, co-worker, or friend, for help it would be appreciated.  Animatch has so many more dogs to help and we can’t and won’t give up.   Look into the faces of these dogs (Acura, Charlie Brown, Hunny, and Snowy) and know that If they could speak, each and everyone would say thanks. 


"Giving is not just about making a donation.  It is about making a difference."



Donations can be made through our website --  (Go Fund Me does not provide tax receipts)

cheques are also welcome.


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Hi I love this web... I hope all the dogs have loved family's and are safe!I love you!

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