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A dog is not a “thing”

Whether Rosy lives or dies, whether she has days, weeks or months to live, Animatch is determined that this Boston Terrier will know that all humans are not despicable creatures who make money on the backs of animals.  This is Rosy and she is 9.5 years old and has spent her life making puppies (photos are graphic).  In the photo, you can see the size of her mammary tumour; how long she has been suffering, we don’t know.  Obviously, she had no value to the people who “owned” her since her puppy making days are behind her.  To use a dog until she is in this condition is reprehensible.  Rosy is on her way to people who will do everything possible to help her and give her relief from her pain.  The good folks at Lasalle Veterinary Hospital will be taking care of her and we will post updates.  Animatch hopes that we can save her but that will be determined by the Vet. 


Rosie did not come to us alone. A bedraggled group of four Boxers and three Boston Terriers (all seniors) arrived at the Centre today – one limping, one blind in one eye, and no doubt other ailments which will be identified after they have all seen the vet.    These people have been in business for a long time and will continue to be for as long as the public keeps buying from pet shops, on-line (Kijiji), and even flea markets.  Don’t think that these dogs had it worse than others in the same circumstances; the conditions in which they lived are the norm for commercial breeders. 


In the meantime, the writing is on the wall for Animatch.  Rosy and the other dogs will require medical procedures outside the norm which will necessitate dipping into our emergency fund.  It has been a very expensive year and funds are quite depleted at this time.  These dogs merit a life without pain – they may not have many years left but we truly want to show them that not all humans are heartless.  You, our supporters, are the one who can make a difference and we hope that you can find it in your heart to help Rosy and her friends by donating.  You are the ones who can make a difference for these survivors. 


Thanks to Refuge RR for their part in this rescue mission so that these dogs would at least have a chance at a life that all dogs deserve. 


Adopt, don’t shop!  You have the power to do that. 


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