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A definite indication that construction will soon begin ….

Needing to go to the bathroom is one of life’s most basic urgencies and let it never be said that Animatch is not proactive.  Anytime now is a good time for construction to start; Helen, the Volunteers, and of all the dogs are more than ready.

Animatch has reached $130,000 through so many different initiatives and we can never thank you enough for your help in bringing us closer to our $200,000 goal.  The two auctions were an amazing success and our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Maryse and her team of Volunteers who are still recuperating.  We have some amazing supporters out there who have taken it upon themselves to start their own creative ways to raise money, so please encourage and support them in any way you can.  

There is no time to pat ourselves on the back for what has been accomplished so far because there is still so much to do – an additional $70,000 is required and that is the bare minimum.  There are no extravagant plans, all we want is a secure, comfortable environment for our dogs while they wait to be adopted.  For those of you have already given as much as you can, we thank you.  Today, we ask that you approach at least one or two people (family, friends, co-workers) and ask – or you can beg -- them to help the cause.  Thus far, a corporate sponsor has not been found but we are still receptive to the possibility, therefore please share with your place of work.  Construction materials are always welcome.

On behalf of all our Animatch Adoptees, we want to thank you for your support and continued commitment to reaching our goal. 


"Great things are never done by one person, they are done by a team"


Donations can be made through our website --  (Go Fund Me does not provide tax receipts)

cheques are also welcome.

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