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2020 … a year like no other

Animatch received a total of 7,500 applications in 2020 (approximately 3,500 were received in 2019) and 200 dogs passed through our doors.  That means 7,300 disappointed people (some still wondering why they did not get the dog of their choice).   Also understand that it is not humanly possible to have a conversation with every applicant, that is why we attempt to explain our procedures and what we are facing in this format. 

Animatch faced its share of challenges in 2020 but all the dogs that came through our doors went on to a better life.  For the first time EVER, we even experienced a shortage of dogs – especially the small, non-shedding types.  During the pandemic dogs are more popular than Cabbage Patch kids were in the 80’s.  Many people worked themselves up into a frenzy … they MUST have a dog.  In many ways, it has helped rescues and shelters – on the other hand, the consumer demand is now greater than the number of dogs available.  This is where things get ugly.  Rescues cannot fill the demand and reputable breeders have waiting lists as long or longer than rescues.  Where there is a buck to be made, rest assured that there are some humans that will find a way to take advantage.   In the dog world, puppy mills and backyard breeders are ready to fill the demand.  Dogs are being sold for thousands of dollars simply because there is a shortage.  Will rescues and shelters be picking up the pieces in months and years to come … that remains to be seen. 

So, if you are 100% certain that you want to adopt and know that you have the time, the money, the desire to exercise and train, then apply at all reputable rescues.  Visit or


Animatch Vet costs for 2020 amounted to $78,463.89.  This does not include the cost of transport, maintenance of the Animatch Centre (heating, etc.), food, etc.  Animatch is not a “business”, it’s a haven for dogs who need our assistance.  

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