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2019 in retrospect

Animatch is very proud to announce that 303 dogs were placed in loving homes in 2019.  Despite a lot of trials and tribulations along the way, we somehow managed.  This number is less than previous years; regardless of working from a garage for most of the year (the dogs really didn’t care – the volunteers did), we are happy with this accomplishment.

Our biggest “complaint” is – and may always be – “why is it so hard to adopt?”.  In 2019, Animatch received 3,850 applications, give or take a few.  As mentioned, 303 dogs were adopted.  That means there were 3,547 disappointed people.  Of all the application received, approximately 1,000 were interviewed.  Again 303 dogs adopted, so that means 697 VERY disappointed people.  There is nothing we can do except encourage people to apply at many rescues in the area and outside.  There are many rescues in Ontario and the northeast U.S. that are very open to adoptions outside their region.  You can’t be in a hurry and you have to be prepared to do some research and work.  So many applicants feel that because they have made a decision to adopt on Monday, by Saturday they should have a dog.  You are adding a family member to the pack, it takes time, research and forethought to do it correctly.  Telling us that it is easier to buy a dog on Kijiji does not make us go faster; that’s on you, not us.

Once your family has adopted, understand that a dog does not come with a 5-year warranty.  There will be unforeseen trips to the Vet; there could be broken bones, bladder stones, ear infections, etc.  That’s on you, the adopter!  You would be amazed how many people call months or years after they have adopted, asking Animatch for financial assistance.  What we expect from people who adopt is that they take responsibility; an emergency fund is always a good idea.  Although, we don’t envisage that everyone is able take extraordinary measures to prolong a dog’s life, we do hope that our dogs will never suffer.  We trust that the people we choose to adopt our dogs will not let their dog down. 

For those who think the Adoption Fee is too high, Animatch Vet costs for 2019 amounted to $91,501.09.  This does not include the cost of transport, maintenance of the Animatch Centre (heating, etc.), food, etc.  Animatch is not a “business”, it’s a haven for dogs who need our assistance.

Animatch looks forward to a busy and challenging year ahead.

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