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2018 Vet Expenses

In 2018, we at Animatch took in 303 dogs. Some of these dogs come to us in good health while others need some extra care. In cases of most senior dogs we receive, we need to perform dental extractions and teeth cleaning. Other dogs come to us with ear infections, kidney stones and/or skin issues. Before we can put these dogs up for adoption, we take care of all their needs so they are as healthy as can be when they go home with their new family. The year’s total for taking care of these 303 dogs is $96,027.88! Just to clarify, this total only includes the surgeries, dental and other work needed to make sure the dogs are healthy, not to mention the trauma cases of broken bones needing orthopaedic interventions. Housing (heating, electricity), transport, administrative fees and food are all extra costs associated with taking in these dogs. Keep in mind, that as of last year, we are also paying for the construction of our new center!

This is why we continue to rely so heavily on your support. We could not be doing this without you. Our dogs would not get the family and home they rightly deserve if it weren’t for you. So please keep spreading the word about us to your friends, family  and colleagues!

And this year will be no different as the dogs will continue to come in and we will continue to care for them until they are adopted. The only difference right now is they are being held in the garage while our center remains in a state of construction.  Our guys are building as quick as they can in this cold and snowy winter. There is no sign yet as to when it will all be done, but rest assured we will get there and we have you to thank for that!

Continue your support by donating to our cause. Thank you.


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